Confessions & Cadence
...there comes a midnight hour when everyone has to throw off his mask
Sunday, August 10, 2014
It's a word we often use to mean contradiction.
But this isn't an accurate reflection
Of what it's meant to convey.

It's a Western conceptualization of something like
The Chinese Tao and Eastern sense of mystery.
It is an entering into and embrace of contradictions
Not mere denial or toleration of them.
It is an integration, creating a third way.

It is a concept my Western, categorical, scientific mind resists.
It is a concept that doesn't sit well with surface Theology.
Even surface Theology masking itself as deeper truths.
Definitions, formulas, facts, logic, this is what I crave.
But our systems do not ultimately satisfy this craving.
They leave more questions than satisfactory answers.

Nor do I want to dismiss these things:
Logic, reason, understanding.
I do not wish to delve into rejection of logic and embrace of all.
To deny reason, is to deny all sense of sense.
To deny logic, is just as reckless as embracing it completely.
If I wanted to do that, I'd just join a cult.

Knowing and not knowing in the same instant.
Knowing position, but not speed.
Knowing speed, but not position.
Being both particle and wave
Primal and Modern
Animated Stardust
Appearing and Disappearing
Forming and Collapsing
At every instant

The crucifixion of the either/or.
Into a resurrected, third way.

This is where I want to live.
This is where I am heading.

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